An important first step in your child's journey, is participating in a speech and/or language assessment, where we can determine appropriate intervention goals and begin the therapy process.

Claire’s Speech Therapy offers a several options when it comes to determining what each individual client’s needs are.

You can choose between the following options:


An initial assessment is recommended for the first session, as it will allow us to get to know you and your child, and give us the time needed to develop an intervention plan that is specific to your child's needs. This assessment is typically play based, using a variety of pictures, objects, games, as well as information provided by the parent.


These assessments are more formal and are typically required when submitting applications for additional supports in school or when supplementing multidisciplinary team assessments. These assessments will provide in-depth knowledge of a child’s speech and language strengths and highlights areas of difficulty.


This assessment will provide information on your child’s speech sounds and will highlight any sounds that your child is not producing or is producing incorrectly. The assessment allows for the therapist to establish speech sound targets that are suited to your child and their needs.

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